The Long Drive Update

Do you like cars? What about trips? If yes, then you will love The Long Drive. But why this one? How is it different from so many others? Well, here you have a chance to do whatever you want! Literally everything.

You do not need to constantly refuel or follow any rules. It is possible to do absolutely crazy things in this game. For example, you have the opportunity to easily interact with the details of your car or any other vehicle. So repair, break or customize it!

You are also in an endless desert that changes completely randomly. So study it properly. You may find a variety of abandoned gas stations, bus stops and houses. In addition, it is possible for you to use items that are not related to your transport.

There is no clear goal to be achieved. You can invent it yourself, or just relax, doing useless things. The plot is also missing, so you may not learn anything interesting except that this is a post-apocalyptic world. If so, use your imagination.

You should not regret hours and effort playing it. This is a good option to entertain yourself, and get distracted from the daily routine. Graphics, sound, controls and optimization are not the best, but it feels like it was done on purpose. Therefore, it will not confuse you during the whole process. You are capable of being sure of this.

It’s popular enough that you really should play it. You are going to enjoy traveling through this open world, exploring everything around, creating outrages and much more. You are also able to recommend it to your friends and relatives if they are bored and despondent.