The Long Drive

Get ready to go on a unique adventure. Where? In a post-apocalyptic world! Here you have to explore a huge world full of various interesting locations. It is quite fascinating and exciting to explore.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting separately that the world is generated randomly. Therefore, your passage and, for example, your friend may differ significantly. And that makes The Long Drive even more fun.

Do whatever you want

Moreover, it is important to mention that here you are given complete freedom of action. Furthermore, to begin with, it is worth noting that you have a chance to navigate the open spaces by car. This is exactly what the game title says.

And there are no strange mechanics like in analogues. To give an instance, you need to refuel almost every two minutes. Here you have the opportunity to safely go several hundred kilometers. Therefore, the process of playing becomes even more exciting.

Furthermore, it is significant to note that you are capable of interacting with a huge number of different objects. First, it could be a car. You can tear off mirrors if at some point you consider them useless.

Or it is possible for you to start going uphill. Even if the transport is not suitable for this. But it is possible for you to do it without any problems simply because you want to. Basically, there is a possibility of doing whatever you want. Therefore, don’t miss this chance!

Moreover, you are capable of picking up and using various items to simplify your survival in the post-apocalypse. Therefore, if you see something useful, be sure to interact with it in some way.

Relaxing Journey

Furthermore, it is also worth recalling that if you are a fan of this game genre, then you will definitely like to conquer the roads. Therefore, try to learn how to perform various tricks in the process. Riff or just enjoy the beautiful view that opens only for you in The Long Drive.

The process is not overloaded with numerous different actions. Therefore, you can definitely have a good time while playing. In addition, you have a chance to recommend this survival adventure to your friends. Then you are able to share your successes with them!

Or it could be a competitive aspect for you. Therefore, you can try to do something faster than your friend. Thus, it is necessary for you to improve your skills of survivors. And in this case, you are able to have a chance to be called as a master of such a genre.